Photographing At Home – Build A Small Studio At Your Own Place

As a photography enthusiast, you may feel extremely hot under the collar when you cannot go out on bad-weather days. Right? What would you do? Why don’t you think of making a small studio in your house? It will surprise you because of the results you achieve. Why not try it?

In this article, we will show you some beautiful positions in the room where you can pose and have some lovely photos. Are you ready?

Tips On How To Take Photos At Home


The bedroom is always the position that many people are fond of when it comes to taking photos. Why?. The reason is that this is a room where we often go out of our ways to spend time decorating it. Therefore, it is always beautiful and makes people feel cozy.

So where should we start?

Certainly, you can not ignore the bed. This is where you can take photos of the most beautiful pictures. Prepare some food, cakes or a cup of coffee, then add a newspaper or a laptop. You can sort it according to your preferences. Then, you can have someone else take it, or set the camera to set a timer.

Besides those “photography props”, you can use the natural light from outside the window. It will give you a shimmering image filled with sunlight.

On the other hand, you can ask your partner to take a picture with you. Show the love between the two you and upload it on the Internet toshow off to everyone. It is a good idea, right?


After the bedroom, a kitchen is a place that many people love. There are dozens of tools that help you have a beautiful picture with various colors. Anh then, you can post them on social media.

There are many things you can use to take photos. For example, you can pick up fruits and take pictures as if you are eating them, you can also take photos with a plate of food and show a craving for them. Besides, using some baking tools, kitchenware, you can get a picture of the housewife with an apron. Why not try it right now? They are going to be adorable!


Last, but not least, the bathroom seems to be a sexy room. If you are a fan of hot photos, you can not miss this room.

The bathtub is an essential place to create beautiful photos. Here, you can both take photos and enjoy life by soaking in a hot bathtub. Remember that using the bathtub drain stopper to avoid receding water. To create a non-offensive image, you can use soap to create bubbles, as much foam as possible, to cover your body. Besides, you can also add candles, a little perfume and a glass of wine. This will create a very romantic bathroom atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you do not like the romantic style, you can create a lovely shower space. Decorate the bathroom by painting the bathtub with different colors, adding lovely bath toys and blowing lots of bubbles around. All of those will help you to transform into a child in a flooded bath.

The mirror always gives you miraculously beautiful photos. You can pick up your phone and take a selfie with many different poses. It is very simple but always gives you good results. Do not believe us? Just try it!

How To Have A Beautiful Shot?

Congratulations! You have created a small studio for taking pictures. Now is the time to learn how to have a beautiful shot.

Find The Spots That Have The Most Light.

A beautiful picture requires enough light. The light plays an important role in every image. Therefore, when you take the picture at home, you should open all the windows, turn on all the lamps to receive light and don’t forget to choose the brightest area.

Use The Blank Wall As Background

A blank wall is a good background for you to take beautiful photos. You may think that a plain background is monotonous. But in fact, that is the easiest way to create a highlight spot. You do not believe us? Just stand or place any object in front of the wall. Of course, you can immediately realize the highlight spot, right?

Capture Top Down

If you live in an apartment in any high-rise building, then it is perfect to take a picture top-down. Standing next to the window, you can have a picture of the city from above.

Minimize Objects Around

The less the better. If the furniture around you is as minimum as possible, the photo will look better. Or else you will not be able to have a highlight spot in the frame.

If your house has so many furnitures. You can paint them so that they will have the same color. It is also a way to minimize the objects around. For example, you can paint your bathtub to make it look similar to the bathroom wall. And then when you take the photo, it will be hard to realize the bathtub. Of course, you will still be able to get the highlight spot.

Try To Express Emotion Through Your Face

When you take a selfie, the most important thing that you have to remember is concentrating on expressing emotion. The more natural the emotion you can express, the more attractive the photo will be.

Use Some Tools to Pose With

Is it hard to find a way to pose? Why don’t you just find some tools to pose with?

A book, a cup of coffee, a smartphone, a laptop, a flower- Anything could be a great tool to support you. They will all create a highlight in the photo. 


In conclusion, this article has given you interesting tips for getting the best photos at home. Hopefully, with this article, you can turn your rooms into a beautiful studio for your photography practice. We will be happy to be able to receive your beautiful photos below this comment.

For now, goodbye  and thank you for spending your time on this post!