How To Use A Travel Pillow And Get The Good Sleep

If you are on a long trip, the right travel pillow can be an ideal method to provide yourself with a feeling of comfortable . Well, the pillows can help to support your body or neck so that you can sleep in a comfortable position.

So, of course, choose a suitable travel pillow can be the first importance. Also, you have to use it in the right way.

Today, my article will give you some simple guides that help you to get the best travel pillow for  your trips.

Now, let’s start!

1. Travel with a Neck Pillow

1.1 Choose the suitable types of neck pillow for your trip

A non-inflatable travel pillow can create your relaxed sleep

Well, you can use non-inflatable travel pillows or inflatable travel ones on your trip.

using  an inflatable travel pillow is an excellent method to save space when traveling. Also, you can pack it more accessible than others.

When using this pillow on your trips, you need to blow into its  air tube to make your pillows firm. Then, keep the air inside by covering the air tube with its cap.

You also use some self-inflate pillows that come with a valve allowing the pillow to inflate slowly. However, you should read the instructions to know  how to use your pillow.

Meanwhile, a non-inflatable travel pillow made of microbeads or foam,  is also the right choice for you. Although it is more inconvenient to pack, it will make you more comfortable than others.

1.2 Cover your pillow in a T-shirt or scarf to make it softer

Make your pillow smoother by a delicate piece of clothing

Some neck pillows are made of plastic, so its surface can make you uncomfortable. The best thing to solve its issue is to cover your pillow with a soft piece of clothing like a light scarf or a T-shirt. Also, you can purchase a suitable cover for your pillow.

1.3 Recline your seat

Recline your seat slightly to make your back comfortably.

Almost all the travel pillows are designed to keep  your head not to fall to the side or back. So, it would be more comfortable if you recline your seat slightly. Well, you should move gently until your back can get into a comfortable position 

1.4 Cover your eyes with an eye mask for sleep

Use a travel pillow with an eye-mask for a relaxing sleep

The plane is often full of small electronic lights that make you difficult to sleep. So, I advise you to use some travel pillows with an eye mask for sleep

1.5 Rotate your pillow for different sleeping positions

Rotate your pillow to have the best sleeping posts

If you are using a U-shaped pillow, you can turn it around. This will help to support your chin when your head falls forward. Meanwhile, you can switch your shoulder to get the most comfortable position.

Also, putting your pillow on the tray table can help you to have a good sleep if you like to lean forward. With this position, you ought to use a U-shaped pillow that will provide you with a space to rest your face on while your forehead rests on your pillow.

2. Use A Body Pillow

2.1 Pack light to save more space

Travel light with many rooms will help to keep your space

Most of body pillows have large size, so it will take more space than neck pillows. If you want to carry a body pillow, you should not pack too many things for your trip . Well, the more rooms your suitcase has, the more comfort your body pillow gives you.

2.2 Attach your body pillow to your seatbelt or seat if possible

Body pillows that attract to your position provide you a comfortable sleep

Somebody pillows like the FaceCradle can attach to your seat in front of you. Meanwhile, others such as the Travelrest can connect to the seatbelt.

If you use a body pillow that can be attached  to your seat, you can move it up to lean your head against it.

Once your body pillow can connect to the seatbelt, you should put it to lead forward and rest your head on the pillow.


I always want to pack  a suitable travel pillow for my trip. It doesn’t take so much time; however, it can bring about exceptional comfort. Also, you can get a relaxing sleep as you are at home.

So, now think about what pillow you should get for your next trip!