How To Move A Mattress – A Step By Step Guide

A mattress is a product that helps you to enjoy a cool night a long day of stress. Perhaps it is one of the most important things every household must have anywhere they go. That is if you are moving in or out of an apartment you must surely go with your mattress unless it has worn out or already sagging.

However, you will definitely find it challenging to move because most mattresses are big. This article has been written to give help you out with the procedure for moving out a mattress. It would also give you the knowledge of want to consider before moving a mattress and tools need for the movement.

Factors to Consider before Moving a Mattress

If you are moving in a new mattress or moving out the old one or instead you are upgrading the existing one, the first thing you should know is that you have a hectic task ahead. But the task is made easy if you are fully aware of some factors you must take note before planning any movement.

Nature of the Mattress

This is an important thing to take note of especially for those who are moving an old mattress into a new apartment. You should know the nature of the bed you are moving to. If you are already feeling uncomfortable with it, you already noticed it is sagging, or it has spent 7 or more years; then it is advisable to change it.

And should not bother trying to move it out because it might eventually wear out in the process. So knowing this factor would help you to prepare well and would save you from time and energy wastage.

Size of the Mattress

Having the full knowledge of the size of the mattress you are moving it will definitely make your move a simple one. For instance, what you will go through when moving a king size mattress is different from a queen size one. While king size mattress can be easily folded and move around the corners or narrow areas, queen size might not be able to do so.

So, this means you have to take a full measure of your mattress before considering to move it out.


The size of your mattress would determine the type of vehicle you will hire or purchase. If you are moving a king size bed, you do not want to fold or a queen size bed, you would surely need a large car to do that for you. Moreover, vehicles like trucks, vans, and pickup are ideal for any type of mattress you want to move.

How to Move a Mattress

Here are some necessary steps you need to take when you are moving a mattress.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to get a plastic mattress cover. Although they are not usually sold along with a mattress, you can get them at stores where moving supplies are sold and at an affordable price. This cover would prevent your mattress from getting stain when moving it.

Step 2

The next thing you would do afterward is to remove your mattress for the bed frame or box spring; it has been resting on. Likewise, you should also remove the blankets or other bedding materials on it. You will then protect it with the plastic cover you got by standing the mattress on its side and slipping the end farthest from the zipper over the base of the mattress.

Step 3

After doing that, you should be sure that the whole mattress is full secured inside the plastic cover and that there are no spots where the plastic is stretched thin around the mattress inside and might tear. You should zip up the bag when this is done.

Step 4

This is the last step, and it is the most difficult. If the mattress is too big for you, you might need to get a hand to help you. But you should be sure that the path where your mattress would move out has cleared and that your vehicle is also read for transport.