How Long Is Best To Wait After Eating To Sleep?

How long you should wait before going to bed after dinner depends on what you had for dinner; the heavier the food, the longer you have to wait before going to bed. The kind of food you consumed for dinner and the time these foods are consumed actually matter a lot.

In some situations, eating heavy foods in the night might not really make you doze out faster like some will assume, consumers of these heavy meals will have will just have to wait a bit longer before for these foods to digest before finally going to bed. But such cannot be said about light meals which does not take much time to digest, hence the making you sleep quicker than expected.

Sometimes the way we rest after dinner and what we rest on has much to do with how the food digests, laying on a Japanese Futon; a mattress that is said to be the best in world might end up making you doss off even before you get to blink, may be its because of the softness and the kind of comfort it gives which can still be marched with even the best pillow for sitting up in bed.

For precautionary measures we will advice you sit around for a while before actually retiring to one of those sleeping materials, ’cos laying on them can really make you sleep off even before the prescribed 2-3 hours recommended by experts.

As per the question, it all depends on individual body metabolism. Some end up having symptoms of insomnia (a condition that has to do with an individual lacking sleep) after eating late in the night for quite some time, though some are still comfortable with the process professionally it is advised that people should at least rest for 2-3 hours after dinner.

This is to prevent the improper digestion and also allow the food particles get to the intestine as well as prevent problems associated with digestion like heartburn at night and sometimes insomnia. Going to bed immediately after dinner may cause the consumed food particles to experience some unsteady influx which has the capacity to cause either constipation or heartburn. Going to bed after some 2 or 3 hours of eating will reduce the chances of having those disturbances associated with improper digestion.

The Intricate Relationship Between Late Night Meal And Our Sleep

Like we stated earlier, there are some foods that take time to digest while the other is too light that they digest immediately. Be it as it may, there are still some foods that have the ability to enhance sleep even if we don’t feel like sleeping off immediately. Those foods are the ones that contain tryptophan – a substance that is found in the body system and release serotonin and melatonin which are both also sleeping-inducing agents.

Some other foods that enhance sleep no matter how early or late they are consumed are cherries which contains some amount of melatonin, warm glass of milk which relaxes the body as well as mental state and prepares it for a good night rest. Alcohol can still be said to be agents of good night sleep but it differs for some people.

To some, it may work at first but then it fades away in the middle of the night meaning that it makes and mar sleep at the same time. Other foods that promote sleep no matter how late it is consumed include:


Due to the fact that almonds contain a very large amount of magnesium, containing at least 19% in 1 ounce, an amount that is needed in the human body on a daily basis. Magnesium, as we have earlier stated, promotes sleep and cures insomnia as well, so no matter how late this fruit is consumed, it will still give you same outcome.


Duo this food contains a very large amount of protein, it also contains a considerable amount of tryptophan, a substance that increases the production the chances of sleeping by regulating the hormone melatonin. According to researches, eating turkey before bedtime has the propensity of improving sleep. So if you have troubles sleeping, try out some plates of turkey meal.

Chamomile Tea

This is rather herbal but some still take it as their normal tea. Aside from its normal function of being an antioxidant which also reduces inflammation and in most cases prevents the body from those agent causes cancer and heart disease including improving skin texture.

The chamomile tea also has the ability to tremendously improve the quality of your sleep. In one of the experiments, it was found out that out of 34 adults who consumed 27mg of chamomile Tea two times every day for 28 daily fell asleep 15 minutes faster. In another experiment, people who take chamomile Tea before bedtime experience less nightmare compared to those that do not.


aside assisting in digestion and reducing inflammation including cholesterol, kiwi improves bedtime sleep no matter when it is consumed. In a study carried out on 24 adults, two kiwi fruits were given to them to consume an hour before bedtime. At the end of the experiment, the participants slept 42% fast than when they did not eat it before bedtime. Also their ability to sleep and not sleep-walk improve by 5% and their total sleep time increase by 13%.

Fatty fish

Some fishes that are considered fatty includes Tuna, Salmon, mackerel, and trout. Aside from having large omega B Fatty acid, and boost brain health these fatty fishes also enhances good night sleep, few ounces of these fish before bedtime can actually make you sleep deeper at night.


Walnuts comes with many nutrients, totaling about 19 victims and minerals including fiber. Walnuts are so much rich in magnesium and fatty acid a makeup that guarantees better sleep as the increased amount of serotonin; the same chemical that enhances brain chemicals and contributed to better sleep. Though this claim doesn’t have a scientific proof majority has actually testified to it sleeping benefits.

Passionflower Tea

This is another herbal-like tea that has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments. It largely enhances sleep quality significantly, this was proved on an experiment carried on 41 adults who took passion flow tea before bed, just expected their sleeping abilities increase significantly compared to when they did not drink the tea. The powerful effect of the passion flower Tea on human sleep.


In conclusion, it is better to at least hang around for a while after eating before finally going to bed ’cos there are still some health benefits associated in the way and manner we consume those things no matter the position. In whatever way you have chosen to eat your dinner, made sure you wait before you finally retire to bed.