Best Cooling Mattress Pad (Topper) – Top Picks & Reviews 2020

Besides the fact that most mattress toppers are bought to protect the mattress from a microorganism that could destroy it, they also give more plush and comfort to you while sleeping. Then, have you ever imagine getting a cooling pad? You would surely love it. Cooling toppers help you to have a cozy night either in winter or hot weather.

You can either install your pad under the mattress or above the mattress depending any way you choose to do it. However, you can be assured that you will get maximum convenience in either of the ways. Here are the 9 best cooling mattress toppers you would love to have.

ExceptionalSheets Rayon from Bamboo Mattress Pad

Apart from the fact that this product has earned our trust, it has also won the heart of many sleepers. As a result of this, we are recommending it has the best mattress topper for your sleep. This mattress is a 60” × 80” size that is suitable for all queen size mattresses.  While its skirt contains 76% polyester, 16 nylon, and 8% spandex, the cover is made of 30% cotton and 70% polyester.

The pad is safe has it is not made with any harmful substance and at the same time has 70% hypoallergenic that makes it an ideal one for those suffering from allergy. It has 160 thread count covers alongside with double needle baffle box stitch that does not only make the topper durable but also prevent the pad from shifting around while sleeping. Likewise, it has been tested and certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

LUCID 3-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

What makes this pad unique is that it features contouring memory foam that helps you to relieve all pains in your body and reduces pressure points. In addition to this, Lucid topper is designed to improve airflow that would definitely make you comfortable throughout the night. Similarly, it comes with a plush gel material that controls heat temperature during your rest.

The pad is a 60” × 80” size that can fit any queen size the mattress of your choice.  It is a less expensive topper, unlike other products. It has been made with high-quality materials that would make it to last for a long period. For you not to doubt it’s durability, this topper comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress

As its name implies, this brand has been tasked to make your night short and comfortable all through. It has produced this topper to make this dream come through. Also, it helps you to eliminate all the pains found at your spines and at the same time relive all pressure points in your body.

Unlike most cooling pads, Sleep Innovations topper is a 4-inch dual layer mattress topper. While it has the upper layer contain with soft fiber fill that makes your topper fit on any mattress, the lower layer has gel memory foam which gives your night cool temperature all through the night.

As a result of its high level of performances and features, this pad has been tested and certified by CertiPUR-US. It comes with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer.

LEISURE TOWN King Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper

LEISURE TOWN topper is one of the best cooling pads you can get in the market today. It is most suitable for Twin, Twin Xl, Full, Fullxl, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, and California King size mattress. Also, many sleepers who surely love to have this as it comes at an affordable price.

It has a thick cover that does not take in water easily even though it, is made with 100% cotton. You would also enjoy this pad as you can wash it easily with a machine since its cover is removable. This brand also gives you a 1-year hassle on this product.

Milliard Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

For users who are in search of a cheap topper for their twin size mattress, this is the best option for you. It is filled with a gel bead that helps you to maintain lower body temperature and at the same time reduces heat while sleeping. Also, it gives your body perfect that you will surely like.

Millard topper does not only make your mattress safe but also gives you maximum protection from microorganisms such as allergens, mold, bacteria, dust mites and so on that are usually found around the bed. However, it is essential to know that this topper should be left outside in other for the smell to go away.

ViscoSoft 3 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Although ViscoSoft is not a popular brand unlike Sleep Innovations, Milliard, Lucid and so on, it has produced a great number of products that have been rated high by many sleepers. This topper from ViscoeSoft would give you the maximum comfort and cozy to enjoy your night.

It is most suitable for sleepers who have twin mattress size. This pad helps you to distribute your body weight effectively and at the same time relieves all the pain in your body. Apart from the fact that you would enjoy free 60 days trial, this pad also comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Advanced Sleep Solutions Gel Memory Foam Mattress

This topper has a lot of unique features that have not only made it earn a lot of ratings and reviews from users, but have also made it receive full certification from CertiPUR-US for its high level of performances.  You would not only be able to get this pad at queen size alone as it is available in all other dimensions which are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size.

You can be assured that this topper would last for an extended period as it comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Even though this topper is quite expensive, it has outstanding qualities that would give you 100% satisfaction throughout the night. So, if you really want a comfortable and convenient topper, you should be ready to spend a lot to get it.

With pure green 100% natural latex that this pad is made with, you would surely enjoy this product for a long period. It has an air chamber which allows free airflow into the topper to make your night rest, cool and smooth. This topper is most suitable for full-size mattresses.

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Fitted Bamboo Mattress Pad

This topper is an ideal one for sleepers looking for a cheap bed topper that would make their night cool and short. Besides this, it is also a good option for users who are suffering from allergy or another related disease as it has hypoallergenic material for maximum protection.

Another prominent feature that you would love about this pad is that it is easy to clean. It has a stain-free cover and at the same time resistant to dust mite. However, if you wish to wash it, you can simply do that with a machine using cold water. But make sure it does not stay out much longer so it won’t lose it fitness.

How To Use A Travel Pillow And Get The Good Sleep

If you are on a long trip, the right travel pillow can be an ideal method to provide yourself with a feeling of comfortable . Well, the pillows can help to support your body or neck so that you can sleep in a comfortable position.

So, of course, choose a suitable travel pillow can be the first importance. Also, you have to use it in the right way.

Today, my article will give you some simple guides that help you to get the best travel pillow for  your trips.

Now, let’s start!

1. Travel with a Neck Pillow

1.1 Choose the suitable types of neck pillow for your trip

A non-inflatable travel pillow can create your relaxed sleep

Well, you can use non-inflatable travel pillows or inflatable travel ones on your trip.

using  an inflatable travel pillow is an excellent method to save space when traveling. Also, you can pack it more accessible than others.

When using this pillow on your trips, you need to blow into its  air tube to make your pillows firm. Then, keep the air inside by covering the air tube with its cap.

You also use some self-inflate pillows that come with a valve allowing the pillow to inflate slowly. However, you should read the instructions to know  how to use your pillow.

Meanwhile, a non-inflatable travel pillow made of microbeads or foam,  is also the right choice for you. Although it is more inconvenient to pack, it will make you more comfortable than others.

1.2 Cover your pillow in a T-shirt or scarf to make it softer

Make your pillow smoother by a delicate piece of clothing

Some neck pillows are made of plastic, so its surface can make you uncomfortable. The best thing to solve its issue is to cover your pillow with a soft piece of clothing like a light scarf or a T-shirt. Also, you can purchase a suitable cover for your pillow.

1.3 Recline your seat

Recline your seat slightly to make your back comfortably.

Almost all the travel pillows are designed to keep  your head not to fall to the side or back. So, it would be more comfortable if you recline your seat slightly. Well, you should move gently until your back can get into a comfortable position 

1.4 Cover your eyes with an eye mask for sleep

Use a travel pillow with an eye-mask for a relaxing sleep

The plane is often full of small electronic lights that make you difficult to sleep. So, I advise you to use some travel pillows with an eye mask for sleep

1.5 Rotate your pillow for different sleeping positions

Rotate your pillow to have the best sleeping posts

If you are using a U-shaped pillow, you can turn it around. This will help to support your chin when your head falls forward. Meanwhile, you can switch your shoulder to get the most comfortable position.

Also, putting your pillow on the tray table can help you to have a good sleep if you like to lean forward. With this position, you ought to use a U-shaped pillow that will provide you with a space to rest your face on while your forehead rests on your pillow.

2. Use A Body Pillow

2.1 Pack light to save more space

Travel light with many rooms will help to keep your space

Most of body pillows have large size, so it will take more space than neck pillows. If you want to carry a body pillow, you should not pack too many things for your trip . Well, the more rooms your suitcase has, the more comfort your body pillow gives you.

2.2 Attach your body pillow to your seatbelt or seat if possible

Body pillows that attract to your position provide you a comfortable sleep

Somebody pillows like the FaceCradle can attach to your seat in front of you. Meanwhile, others such as the Travelrest can connect to the seatbelt.

If you use a body pillow that can be attached  to your seat, you can move it up to lean your head against it.

Once your body pillow can connect to the seatbelt, you should put it to lead forward and rest your head on the pillow.


I always want to pack  a suitable travel pillow for my trip. It doesn’t take so much time; however, it can bring about exceptional comfort. Also, you can get a relaxing sleep as you are at home.

So, now think about what pillow you should get for your next trip!

How to Cut a Mattress in Half – 5 Easy Steps

Getting a new mattress does not really mean you can’t use the old one for another thing. If you have a good quality old mattress, but you have decided to dispose of it since it has been in use for a long, they are many things you can make out of it.

All you need to do is to cut it into half, and you would see the magic you would receive afterward. However, it is essential to know some steps and instrument that would be required so it won’t go wrong while cutting it. Here is an article that would surely help you out.

Mattress Types

Before you can decide to cut a mattress into half, the first thing you must do is to know the form of mattress you are cutting down. This is because all mattresses do not have a single way of cutting them. There are a lot of variations in cutting mattresses since they all have different structures and materials used in their production.

If you are cutting a viscoelastic memory foam in half, you won’t be encountering many difficulties doing so. And with the halves derived from it, you would be able to make cushions for your car seats, smaller beds for the kids, or make sleeping mats for dogs at the kernel and so on.

For innerspring mattresses, cutting it in half might require a lot of energy and time. This is because it has structures that are hard to cut through. However, if you have all the necessary tools available, then you might be cutting it as easy as cutting other mattresses.

Also, the size of the mattress you are cutting into two would determine the result you get from it. For instance, if you are dividing a king size mattress, you can get two serviceable twin or single mattresses out of the halves.

Reason for Cutting a Mattress into Half

Although there are several reasons why it is advisable to it your mattress into half, this article would only be looking into some

1. Saves Expenses

Since you are cutting a mattress into two, you are surely going to get at least two smaller beds out of it. With these beds, you can make mattresses for kids and cushions for your car seats which means you won’t be spending extra money getting these things.

2. Eco-Friendly

Since you won’t be disposing of all your old mattresses out, the environment would have less dirt to take in.

Instruments for Cutting a Mattress

While you would have it easy cutting some mattresses into two, some might be difficult due to the nature of their structure and material. However, here are some tools that would surely make all done within a jiffy.

  • Staple gun or large stapler
  • Tape measure
  • Sharp knife, box cutter or scalpel
  • Sewing equipment such as needle, machine, tread pins, etc.
  • Spare mattress cover
  • If you are cutting an innerspring mattress which seems to be hard to do, you would definitely need these following tools.
  • Pliers
  • Bolt cutter

How to Cut a Mattress in Half

Now that you have all your tools ready, the next thing for you is to know the major steps you should take in exciting this task. These steps are fragile and simple so you must take important note of them and follow them according to so as not to make a mistake.

Step 1 – The first thing you would do is to measure the mattress you are cutting in other to discover its center. Then you take note of the length or width depending on if you are cutting it down or across. After then you would make a small cut on the mattress cover and later use a scissor to make the full cut of length or breath of the cover.

Step 2 – Next action requires you to use a cutter to cut through the top comfort layers until you can get to the springs. On getting to the springs, it is essential to make an indication on it so it would be easy when cutting.

Step 3 – Then you make use of the bolt cutter to cut through the springs. But it is crucial to take note of the center marked in to cut the springs down the center line of the mattress.

Step 4 – Do a check on where you have cut and use the pliers to get rid of any metals that the bolt cutter was unable to dispose of. You should after that form a flat mattress by folding the cut ends of every spring. Then use a strip of cloth to tie the springs at the new edge together.

Step 5 – A new mattress cover or the old one is still useful should be used to cover the mattress and the new ends. Then your mattress is ready to be used.

How To Move A Mattress – A Step By Step Guide

A mattress is a product that helps you to enjoy a cool night a long day of stress. Perhaps it is one of the most important things every household must have anywhere they go. That is if you are moving in or out of an apartment you must surely go with your mattress unless it has worn out or already sagging.

However, you will definitely find it challenging to move because most mattresses are big. This article has been written to give help you out with the procedure for moving out a mattress. It would also give you the knowledge of want to consider before moving a mattress and tools need for the movement.

Factors to Consider before Moving a Mattress

If you are moving in a new mattress or moving out the old one or instead you are upgrading the existing one, the first thing you should know is that you have a hectic task ahead. But the task is made easy if you are fully aware of some factors you must take note before planning any movement.

Nature of the Mattress

This is an important thing to take note of especially for those who are moving an old mattress into a new apartment. You should know the nature of the bed you are moving to. If you are already feeling uncomfortable with it, you already noticed it is sagging, or it has spent 7 or more years; then it is advisable to change it.

And should not bother trying to move it out because it might eventually wear out in the process. So knowing this factor would help you to prepare well and would save you from time and energy wastage.

Size of the Mattress

Having the full knowledge of the size of the mattress you are moving it will definitely make your move a simple one. For instance, what you will go through when moving a king size mattress is different from a queen size one. While king size mattress can be easily folded and move around the corners or narrow areas, queen size might not be able to do so.

So, this means you have to take a full measure of your mattress before considering to move it out.


The size of your mattress would determine the type of vehicle you will hire or purchase. If you are moving a king size bed, you do not want to fold or a queen size bed, you would surely need a large car to do that for you. Moreover, vehicles like trucks, vans, and pickup are ideal for any type of mattress you want to move.

How to Move a Mattress

Here are some necessary steps you need to take when you are moving a mattress.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to get a plastic mattress cover. Although they are not usually sold along with a mattress, you can get them at stores where moving supplies are sold and at an affordable price. This cover would prevent your mattress from getting stain when moving it.

Step 2

The next thing you would do afterward is to remove your mattress for the bed frame or box spring; it has been resting on. Likewise, you should also remove the blankets or other bedding materials on it. You will then protect it with the plastic cover you got by standing the mattress on its side and slipping the end farthest from the zipper over the base of the mattress.

Step 3

After doing that, you should be sure that the whole mattress is full secured inside the plastic cover and that there are no spots where the plastic is stretched thin around the mattress inside and might tear. You should zip up the bag when this is done.

Step 4

This is the last step, and it is the most difficult. If the mattress is too big for you, you might need to get a hand to help you. But you should be sure that the path where your mattress would move out has cleared and that your vehicle is also read for transport.

How Long Is Best To Wait After Eating To Sleep?

How long you should wait before going to bed after dinner depends on what you had for dinner; the heavier the food, the longer you have to wait before going to bed. The kind of food you consumed for dinner and the time these foods are consumed actually matter a lot.

In some situations, eating heavy foods in the night might not really make you doze out faster like some will assume, consumers of these heavy meals will have will just have to wait a bit longer before for these foods to digest before finally going to bed. But such cannot be said about light meals which does not take much time to digest, hence the making you sleep quicker than expected.

Sometimes the way we rest after dinner and what we rest on has much to do with how the food digests, laying on a Japanese Futon; a mattress that is said to be the best in world might end up making you doss off even before you get to blink, may be its because of the softness and the kind of comfort it gives which can still be marched with even the best pillow for sitting up in bed.

For precautionary measures we will advice you sit around for a while before actually retiring to one of those sleeping materials, ’cos laying on them can really make you sleep off even before the prescribed 2-3 hours recommended by experts.

As per the question, it all depends on individual body metabolism. Some end up having symptoms of insomnia (a condition that has to do with an individual lacking sleep) after eating late in the night for quite some time, though some are still comfortable with the process professionally it is advised that people should at least rest for 2-3 hours after dinner.

This is to prevent the improper digestion and also allow the food particles get to the intestine as well as prevent problems associated with digestion like heartburn at night and sometimes insomnia. Going to bed immediately after dinner may cause the consumed food particles to experience some unsteady influx which has the capacity to cause either constipation or heartburn. Going to bed after some 2 or 3 hours of eating will reduce the chances of having those disturbances associated with improper digestion.

The Intricate Relationship Between Late Night Meal And Our Sleep

Like we stated earlier, there are some foods that take time to digest while the other is too light that they digest immediately. Be it as it may, there are still some foods that have the ability to enhance sleep even if we don’t feel like sleeping off immediately. Those foods are the ones that contain tryptophan – a substance that is found in the body system and release serotonin and melatonin which are both also sleeping-inducing agents.

Some other foods that enhance sleep no matter how early or late they are consumed are cherries which contains some amount of melatonin, warm glass of milk which relaxes the body as well as mental state and prepares it for a good night rest. Alcohol can still be said to be agents of good night sleep but it differs for some people.

To some, it may work at first but then it fades away in the middle of the night meaning that it makes and mar sleep at the same time. Other foods that promote sleep no matter how late it is consumed include:


Due to the fact that almonds contain a very large amount of magnesium, containing at least 19% in 1 ounce, an amount that is needed in the human body on a daily basis. Magnesium, as we have earlier stated, promotes sleep and cures insomnia as well, so no matter how late this fruit is consumed, it will still give you same outcome.


Duo this food contains a very large amount of protein, it also contains a considerable amount of tryptophan, a substance that increases the production the chances of sleeping by regulating the hormone melatonin. According to researches, eating turkey before bedtime has the propensity of improving sleep. So if you have troubles sleeping, try out some plates of turkey meal.

Chamomile Tea

This is rather herbal but some still take it as their normal tea. Aside from its normal function of being an antioxidant which also reduces inflammation and in most cases prevents the body from those agent causes cancer and heart disease including improving skin texture.

The chamomile tea also has the ability to tremendously improve the quality of your sleep. In one of the experiments, it was found out that out of 34 adults who consumed 27mg of chamomile Tea two times every day for 28 daily fell asleep 15 minutes faster. In another experiment, people who take chamomile Tea before bedtime experience less nightmare compared to those that do not.


aside assisting in digestion and reducing inflammation including cholesterol, kiwi improves bedtime sleep no matter when it is consumed. In a study carried out on 24 adults, two kiwi fruits were given to them to consume an hour before bedtime. At the end of the experiment, the participants slept 42% fast than when they did not eat it before bedtime. Also their ability to sleep and not sleep-walk improve by 5% and their total sleep time increase by 13%.

Fatty fish

Some fishes that are considered fatty includes Tuna, Salmon, mackerel, and trout. Aside from having large omega B Fatty acid, and boost brain health these fatty fishes also enhances good night sleep, few ounces of these fish before bedtime can actually make you sleep deeper at night.


Walnuts comes with many nutrients, totaling about 19 victims and minerals including fiber. Walnuts are so much rich in magnesium and fatty acid a makeup that guarantees better sleep as the increased amount of serotonin; the same chemical that enhances brain chemicals and contributed to better sleep. Though this claim doesn’t have a scientific proof majority has actually testified to it sleeping benefits.

Passionflower Tea

This is another herbal-like tea that has been used for hundreds of years to treat ailments. It largely enhances sleep quality significantly, this was proved on an experiment carried on 41 adults who took passion flow tea before bed, just expected their sleeping abilities increase significantly compared to when they did not drink the tea. The powerful effect of the passion flower Tea on human sleep.


In conclusion, it is better to at least hang around for a while after eating before finally going to bed ’cos there are still some health benefits associated in the way and manner we consume those things no matter the position. In whatever way you have chosen to eat your dinner, made sure you wait before you finally retire to bed.